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All the papers submitted to MedPharmRes journal are peer-reviewed. MedPharmRes applies high standards to the peer- review process to ensure appropriate methodological design and valid results. We emphasize on accuracy of research methodology and high ethical standards.

How MedPharmRes will Handle Your Paper?

Once you submit your paper, the official team will check your paper quickly to assess the following:

1. The human and animal ethics is properly conducted

2. Financial disclosures

3. Any conflict of interest addressed

4. The style and format of the manuscript

5. The plagiarism

6. Copyright (Journal Publishing Agreement)

This step is very crucial before sending the paper to Editors. The official team handle this step quickly and usually will not take more than two working days.

If any additional data needed, we will send the paper back to authors to make sure all the needed data are addressed efficiently.

After the manuscript passes the first check, it will be sent to Editor in Chief

Editorial Process

The Editors will assess the quality of research and evaluate your manuscript, then the editor will assign appropriate reviewers for the manuscript. The duration of this step will be no more one week

Peer Review Process

MedPharmRes peer-review is single blinded (the reviewers know the authors name but not vice versa). The Editor will invite two or three reviewers to review your manuscript. Once they accept to review the manuscript, the reviewers are given ten days to comment. We will ensure that the process pass smoothly and rapidly. Any delays will be addressed and we will inform the authors with the updates and whether there is further delay or not.

The reviewers will send the comments to the editor who will review them and send the comments of both editors and reviewers to the authors.

How the authors should respond?

The authors are given 90 days to respond to the comments. A live discussion group either on our Website platform will be created by our official Team.

The editors and reviewers' names will be anonymous in the discussion group. The authors will discuss their points of view with reviewers and editors to reach the best results regarding the comments and their manuscript. Then the authors will have to revise their final manuscript and upload it in the discussion group for further discussion. The managing editor will decide the time to vote a decision before sending it to the editor in chief, who will make the final decision.

You will be notified of the final decision by e-mail to the corresponding author.

How to Submit Article:

Please access to to submit your articles.

Author(s) should number words’ lines in their manuscript and carefully check English typos and grammar before submission. Manuscripts with major language issues may be rejected.

Guidelines for “LETTER TO EDITOR”

1. The letter to Editor format is only for a manuscript that discusses an original paper previously published by MedPharmRes. One Letter to Editor will be published in the last pages of each regular issue. Letters to Editor will not be published in the collection of case reports.

2. Letters to Editor should be written in a professional manner and criticisms should be constructive. Letters to Editor should not contain new data and will be peer-reviewed as an original article.

3. Letters to Editor should be limited within 500-1000 words including no more than 5 references.

4. Letters to Editor must only be submitted within six months of the relevant article's publication.

Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals:

Alteration to Authorship or Contributorship:

Any change in authors and/or contributors after initial submission must be approved by all authors. This applies to additions, deletions, changes of order to the authors, or contributions being attributed differently. Any alterations must be explained to the editor. The editor may contact any of the authors and/or contributors to ascertain whether they have agreed to any alteration. The change in authors and/or contributors is not accepted after the manuscript is accepted.

Deadline for Submission:

If your study meets the criteria for either expedited annual review or exemption from ongoing review and approval, there is no specific deadline for submission. Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received.



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